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Software development with Python, Zope and Pyramid

Crafted Software

Software should provide users an easy way to solve problems. The key to this is in our believe individual, tailored software with respect to the users.

Since 20 years, we develop manufacturer-independent and cross-platform solutions in various fields and provide support for the maintenance and enhancement of existing applications.

Content Management

The requirements for a content management system in large organizations are often complex and cannot be fulfilled completely by standard applications.

We are deeply involved in the development of existing open source software solutions. With the experience we gained in these projects, we can adjust those swiftly to your demands

Editing System

User of editing systems usually have various backgrounds and tasks to achieve.

Be it online journalists, content manager or part-time editor: We will put ourselfes in your perspective and design software in a way, that teh users can focus on their actual tasks.

Python 3 - Migration

For a good 10 years, Python was maintained and supported in parallel in versions 2 and 3. As of December 31, 2019, support for Python 2 has officially ended. There is an urgent need for anyone still running or developing applications on Python 2 to migrate them to Python 3.


At gocept, we have successfully migrated and modernized countless applications of varying size and complexity. We have also been instrumental in driving and shaping the Python 3 migration of the Zope web framework and its object database ZODB.

Benefit from this experience and contact us if you need support in migrating your application to Python 3. No matter if general consulting, hands-on consulting or the complete implementation of the migration project. We plan the upgrade together with you, analyze your system and design an iterative approach, where your application remains constantly available during the migration phase.

Legacy Systems

Over the last decade we took part in the development of the Zope web application server and the related database ZODB. During this time we build up deep knowledge with projects based on Zope2, Zope3/ZTK and Pyramid. You can benefit from our expertise as core developer and the practical experience with the development of complex applications based on Zope, in case you need some assistance with your existing Zope projects.

Example Missions:

  • Review and maintenance of existing Zope applications
  • Update and migration of existing applications to current Zope versions, including 3rd party library dependencies
  • Integration of heterogeneous systems, e.g. relational databases with Zope applications.
  • Fix bugs in the Zope core libraries, which constrain your current application
  • Design concepts for application and system architecture to achieve high availability and high performance.
  • Tuning and debugging

Python consulting

Python is the programming language of our choice and the basis of our daily work. In doing so, we not only develop solutions, but also support our customers with challenges using their own Python-based applications.

Depending on your needs, we can provide guidance or develop problem solutions together with your developers ("hands on").

Possible topics:

  • Migration of applications and libraries to Python 3.
  • Code reviews with a focus on code quality, future viability, security, etc.
  • Analysis and design of software architectures.
  • Introduction / modernisation of test infrastructures.
  • Requirement analysis and process consulting.

Agile Processes

We have adopted the concept of agile software development as a living and service oriented philosophy for our company - in the end we are faster, more flexible, more efficient and deliver better results.


We support you as experienced and reliable partner in every stage of your project, be it a singular solution or a continuous consultancy.


We use modern and reliable open-source technology for our projects. This way, we shorten the development process and ensure state of the art on quality and security.


We do not leave you out in the rain with the completed application. Certainly, we can support you after the roll-out with maintenace, further enhancements and operation of the project.

Educated guessing

Every plan and development is based on limited knowledge. We cover missing pieces with guesses founded by experience and review those continuously.


We develop in close contact with our clients and communicate intensively. Mutual trust, respect and commitment are the bases of our collaboration.


We deploy an working prototypes as early as possible, so you can decide which functionality is important or dispensable to you. In this way, your requirements and the function set of the software come to a well targeted merge.

Creative Minds

Five individuals combined in a successful team - motivated, experienced, sometimes playful or a tiny bit conservative.

Christian Kreutzer Owner, General Manager

You do not need to tell me, what to do. Tell me about your objective.

Daniel Havlik Owner, Developer

Tonight my dreams will be about curly braces and semicola.

Michael Howitz Developer

Technically it is already completed, somebody just has to do it.

Steffen Allner Developer

I will not write the same code twice.

Jeremy Kolbe Developer

Software has to be fun!

You? Developer

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